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We are an investor group with pride in Czech inventions, global ambitions and a sense of social responsibility.

We create a neutral port between the startup environment and global companies. We know how to strike a balance between flexibility and robustness. All this helps us implement the most interesting ideas and put them into action for further growth.

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Our History

Our Philosophy

All our values have common denominators: fairness and responsibility.

  • We play fair with our partners, employees, and society as a whole. Before we decide to take on any project, we assess its benefits to the society. Every asset must be based on a mutually beneficial agreement.
  • We want to actively change established habits and bring about positive changes. We live by a simple motto: "The best-educated society is the most prosperous one." Influencing the shape of Czech education, both for children and senior citizens, is therefore our great ambition. This is the best way to positively influence the development of the Czech Republic for years to come.
  • We take an interest in things. We never just chase a profit. We always evaluate every project on the basis of what it brings to our country, how it helps and moves the society forward. And we want to lead by example: we are committed to donate a minimum of 5% of our future profits to help deal with social issues and risks, and to support charitable activities.

Our projects and investments


Diana Rádl Rogerová


Diana is a top Czech manager and also an investor now. She is a partner at Behind Inventions and a former managing partner of Deloitte Czech Republic, where she was Chief Strategic Officer for Deloitte Europe.

Between 1992 and 1996 she attended the Prague University of Economics and Business. For her managerial and innovative activities, she has been listed among the TOP 25 Women of the Czech Republic, published by Economia, and Forbes magazine has repeatedly included her in its list of the most influential Czech women.

She also mentors and speaks at conferences on women's leadership and new technologies. She is engaged in many platforms supporting women, such as FinWomen.

She is also significantly involved in activities in support of the state. She created the CzechSetGo! conference with a focus on the digitalisation of the state. Thanks to this and her experience, she has become a member of the Digital Team of the Czech Republic and is a member of the Advisory Team of the Deputy Prime Minister for Digitalisation. She is also a member of the team of the Minister of Health.

Stanislav Pavlin


Entrepreneur and investor Stanislav Pavlín was at the very beginning of Behind Inventions. With his international experience in corporations, innovative companies and education, start-ups couldn't ask for anyone better to stand by their side on their way to the big players.

At Vodafone's global headquarters, he was in charge of global technology sourcing strategy, among other things. In this role, he also moved to China for a period of time to work on creating strategic partnerships in the East.

He has extensive experience in starting successful businesses and building companies that have global potential. In Luxembourg, he founded a company for Vodafone that owns part of the technology assets of the entire group. It is in this area that his work has been recognised with several international industry awards.

Since 2008, he has been co-owner of a number of companies, mainly in the education, technology and pharmaceutical sectors. One of his latest entrepreneurial ventures, the founding of Fostra, a group of private high schools based in Prague, proves that everything starts with the education of young people.

Experience from small and large companies led him to the idea of creating Behind Inventions. A group that would operate with respect for the former and the experience of the latter.

Jan Balatka


Jan Balatka specializes in technology projects. He started his career in the cyber risk team of Deloitte CZ right after studies. Alongside cyber risks he also focused on analytics and forensic technologies for fraud investigation services. He later became the lead of the Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and eDiscovery division for the region of Central Europe of Deloitte.

During his 18 year tenure with Deloitte, Honza undertook and managed various projects also outside of CZ, namely in Switzerland, Canada and Germany. He was responsible for management and development of divisions focusing on data analytics and machine learning besides regular project work. This included building new alliances and partnerships which wasn’t limited to large brands, but mainly with local suppliers, startups and innovative technologies.

This was the key experience for Honza’s involvement in Behind Inventions in a role of technology partner. He is responsible for research on new and innovative technology, assessment of technology companies on their business opportunities and market fit as well as development of the Behind Inventions portfolio in technology sector and services around artificial intelligence.


When selecting projects that we want to invest in and assist with development, we always make sure that they are projects with a unique technological solution. They must have European, or better yet global ambition, and synergy with our portfolio, but also have a societal overlap, i.e. assist in solving some of the most important areas of the current development of our society (for example, in the environment, the development of a modern and cultural society, equal opportunities for all, etc.). At the same time, our group must be skilled in the area and able to make a significant contribution to the project. In particular, the ability to analyse the market and demand trends, design operating models and go-to-market strategies, prepare financial and investment plans, and form the right business and solution teams and manage them.